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Time to Get Your Fantasy Book Out There!
One of the biggest challenges writers face today, particularly those who write science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian literature, is to get their works published and distributed. With the success of many books belonging to these genres, you end up competing to get published with hundreds, if not thousands, of other writers that specialize in the creation of these stories. Why compete with the crowd when you can make your own way by going the self-publishing route?
Here is What We Can Offer You
ReadersMagnet offers you the chance of a lifetime, with self-publishing packages that will help get you ahead of the pack. You can see your fantasy, science fiction, or dystopian novel on the shelves of bookstores and in online outlets before any of your competitors can even get a literary agent to help them with their creation. You have the power to make your publishing dreams come true, and it all starts here with you taking that first step to making your dream a reality.
ReadersMagnet will give you the chance to publish your manuscript with:

  • A simple and easy-to-follow publishing process
  • Choice of one or all three format options – paperback, hardbound, and e-book
  • Add cover and interior illustrations from our library or add your own
  • Choose from full color and black & white book options
  • Full range of marketing services and choices to get your book properly circulated
  • Manuscript review, editing, and layout services also offered
Aside from getting your book published, you also retain the rights to your book, making it truly your own while still getting it out there for everyone to find and read. Don’t wait for others with similar story ideas as you to beat you to the punch. Get your book published today and you can get started by simply clicking here.
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