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Pursue Your Dream of Becoming a Romance Writer Today!

In romance novels, love is always the winner. You too can be a winner by seeing your dreams of becoming a romance novelist come true. Most people will sit on an amazing love story, waiting for a literary agent or publisher to answer their publishing query, waiting to get their story out there sometimes in vain. You actually don’t need to wait for a literary agent or a publisher to see just how spectacular your manuscript is. All you need is to fulfill your dreams on your own terms with the help of self-publishing.
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This is How We Can Help You
Readers’ Magnet gives you the chance to become a published romance author with the many self-publishing options that we have. Aside from getting to see your book in print, you also get to experience everything that a published author gets to experience, like book fairs, book signing, and other similar book marketing activities. You also get the chance to customize your book with layout, illustration, and color options at your fingertips.
Readers’ Magnet can get your book from raw to published and distributed by:


  • Giving you access to our easy-to-understand publishing procedure
  • Pick from one of three printing formats –hardbound, paperback, and e-book
  • Letting you choose which printing format to use
  • Choices for interior and cover art which can include your own or those in our illustration library
  • Comprehensive manuscript review, book layout services, and copy-editing for a polished book
  • Pick from black & white or full color printing options
When you get your manuscript published, you not only become a published romance author, but you also retain the copyrights to your book. This means that all throughout this process and even after, you still own your work. You get to decide what should be done with it before, during, and after it gets published. Want to find out more? Click here so you can get started on your path to becoming a published romance novelist.
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