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– Gay Sizemore Sauer

“ReadersMagnet called me when I was bedfast, recovering from surgery. They were looking for a children’s book, and as fortune would have it, my last bit of writing was a children’s story for the youngsters at my church. I sent “Brightly the Grounded Angel” to Florine Bedford, and there followed a whirlwind of activity with the result that my story was published. The book is beautiful! Kudos to the artist who illustrated it so effectively. Everyone I show the book to wants a copy. I thoroughly appreciate the kindness and patience Florine and others at ReadersMagnet have shown me during this period of recuperation.”


– Molly O’Rourke

“ReadersMagnet has done a fabulous job of organizing entry into the ** ***** Festival of Books on April 13-14 for my two children’s books. I also engaged them for their Direct Media Release Marketing Program and am looking forward to the reports, updates and information supplied by the staff. Zairen ******, Ryza ****** and the Fulfillment Team have been extremely knowledgeable, attentive, concerned with follow-up and explaining each step needed. I received copies of press releases for the Book Fair as well as the DMPR for input and all changes have been incorporated! Thanks to ReadersMagnet and the great staff for a great experience.”


– Mary Catherine Rishcoff

“Florine ******* of ReadersMagnet is friendly, helpful,and persistent. Their ‘ gift’ of ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge is interesting. Thank you for calling me and noticing my first book, The Treetop, the Wind, and the Balloon.”


– Diane Davies

“I’ve been working with Reader’s Magnet for a number of weeks now on my entry into the LA Times Festival of Books. I have nothing but good things to say with the service I’ve received. Weekly updates come by phone and/or email, when I call in with questions my representative gets back to me within minutes, the people I have had the pleasure to work with have been very polite and attentive to my needs – all attributes that lead to their A rating with BBB. I’ll hold back my last star until I actually see how it all comes together in LA. I don’t expect anything less than excellence from Reader’s Magnet and my representative Raymond Gavin.”


– Connie Sieman

“Hello my name is Connie Sieman and readersmagnet is my Publishing Company I am blessed by the grace of God to have such an awesome publishing company that believes in my stories. They have done everything that they said they would do for me and a million times over. I would highly recommend them as a Publishing Company for any writer that wants to be treated with the utmost respect and integrity I would advise them to contact readersmagnet.”


– Mark Stonesifer

“ReadersMagnet is the best. I am a poet and writer. I got an offer right away before my final payment. Kevin Torres, my marketing manager, is amazing and a friendly true professional. Thanks Kevin. Thanks ReadersMagnet !”


– Cheryl K. Hawkins:

“I am very pleased with my new website and with the services that ReadersMagnet has provided for me.”

– Pamela M. McGee

“This is a very new experience for me. Fred Rivera has been very kind and patient with me as he has guided me through each necessary step. Many thanks to you, Fred.”

– Mike M Joseph

Sorry! There is No Afterlife! None Goes to Heaven or Hell! Middle East: Blueprint for the Final Solution: The Coming Fall and Rise of Western Democracy “Great people with great service.”

– Elizabeth Rea

“I have worked with Giselle Bailey and Marco Lopez who have both been extremely helpful and are very good at their jobs.”

– Virgina Cooper Stokes

“There were some misunderstandings at first, but once these were strengthened out everything else has gone smooth. Giselle Bailey has been very patient and understanding through the process.”

Dorothy Slikker

– Dorothy Slikker

Thanks Alex Silva! This shows me that you guys have gotten my book out there and are doing a great job. You have been very helpful. Kept me update and always there whenever I have questions and concerns.

– Philip Emma

ReadersMagnet has done diligent and superb work for me. I am EXTREMELY happy with several things that they’ve done; notably, the trailer that they made for my book. It’s clear that they actually read the book, and put many subtleties into the trailer that really capture the nuances of my story. They also built a great website that again far exceeded what I had imagined. I would recommend Reader’s Magnet wholeheartedly. I’ve used several other companies too, and none have done the quality of work that I received here.

– Omid Olfet

You guys did a fantastic job which is beyond my expectations!

– Alan N. McClain

If you are an author with a valuable message for a wide audience of interested readers, ReadersMagnet is your source for excellent assistance in reaching your audience.

– Collette-Jackson-Fink

I am very pleased with the outstanding work that the ReadersMagnet staff is doing. They are very professional and have answered all my questions. Any problem that I’ve had they have taken care of quickly. I am looking forward to working with them in the future!

– Cynthia Revels

My marketing rep, Fred Rivera, is always available to answer questions and address any concerns I might have. He is very focused on offering me marketing solutions that will help get my novel get the exposure it deserves.

– Judy Catherine Moratis

I was very and pleasantly surprised my book was referred to you, ReadersMagnet. Thank you and heartfelt by your offer to take the book to Italy, it made it there, how awesome, I thank you! I also thank you for the quick response answering my phone calls and e-mails. That’s great.

– Edna Stewart

When I first set out, I want to help most young people and people to understand what life is truly about and how to live it regardless of circumstances. At first, yes! I did run from ReadersMagnet, but I found out I was really running from myself. I had asked myself: “Who Am I as an author?”When I spoke with Franc Sanders, he asked a lot of questions, then, I had to talk about myself. At that time, I realized my divine soul purpose in life. I joined up to my new family and I have never looked back since. In book world, at times it is extremely busy, but they are always there and for the best interest of you the individual author that is unique to your style. I am grateful for this opportunity.

– Lila Ellexson Senter

You have been very helpful in a “Techie” world to a non-Techie. And ALL I have worked with have been a helpful joy!


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