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Now that you have approved the cover design for your book and made changes in your galley proofs, the next step is to put together a book marketing kit composed of quality and professionally-designed marketing materials. Often times, many enterprises and businesses belittle the value of printed materials especially now that most products and services are being advertised digitally and through online marketing. ReadersMagnet believes in the importance of marketing materials in helping you advertise your author brand and reach a wider target audience. It has been proven that people are likely to support and use a brand or product after receiving printed materials. It’s no secret that branded promotional materials help incite interests and attract potential readers. This marketing kit just needs to be incorporated in your marketing strategy. A professionally designed book marketing kit will win over journalists, readers, book retailers, bloggers, literary agents, and book event organizers – basically anyone who might be interested in your book or in you as an author. ReadersMagnet Marketing Kit contains the essential materials that will help advertise your book and communicate your author brand. This includes business cards, bookmarks, postcards, posters, and digital sell sheets. Your book marketing kit is your great first step in your marketing and promotion campaign. Our graphic design specialists can help you take that big step. According to The CMG Team, “Branded marketing materials are the extra touch that can add a lot of quality to your brand and help your company win clients.” Are you ready to market your book? Our ReadersMagnet Marketing Materials will help ensure that you and your brand will create an impact at your book event. These mediums are essentially freebies and giveaways that you can dispose during book fairs, books signing event, book launch and other book events. By giving away quality and attractive freebies you add prestige to your book and to your author brand as well. These printed marketing tools will cover a wide scope if you know how to strategically distribute them. Engage with a ReadersMagnet marketing consultant today. Let us know how we can help make your book stand out from the crowd.
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Professional Design

Business Cards

Professionally designed business cards are key to promoting your book and author brand. Every author needs a business card. Remember, your book is your business. Business cards may be old-fashioned but they still come in handy when you attend a rights fair, writers’ conference, or networking event. They help you expand your network and attract more sales opportunities. What better way to promote your book and yourself at the same time than with our ReadersMagnet Business Cards?


Bookmarks are the most fantastic marketing tool that authors can actually pass out. People rarely throw them away; they actually use them. Wouldn’t it be great that people use a bookmark that promotes your book? Bookmarks hold all the same information as author business cards but they serve a more functional purpose. You could also include bookmarks with each copy you sell. Our ReadersMagnet BookMarks are great for distributing at book signing events and to bookstores and libraries.


What better way to announce the publication of your book or your upcoming book event than to send postcards? Postcards make perfect for direct mail campaign. Direct marketing using postcards is more effective if you have a large mailing list and cheaper when you use bulk mail, the cheapest way to send direct mail. ReadersMagnet Postcards offer a high-quality presentation of your book cover and contain book event and/or book ordering information on the front and a blank space on the back, on which you handwrite a note to the addressee.


Posters make perfect giveaways at book signing and other publicity events where you need some large visual presentations to draw attention to your book. We provide ReadersMagnet Posters that are not only attractive but also great for framing and hanging on the walls of libraries, bookstores, and even classrooms.

Digital Sell Sheet

A digital sell sheet is one of the most important materials in your book marketing kit. When done right, sell sheets can get more people talking about you and your book. A sell sheet, which you give to book retailers, is a concise, one-page document that provides all the details about your book. More like a brochure or flier than a press release, a sell sheet provides all the information about your book on a single piece of paper or webpage. More of an announcement, it also tells book retailers, wholesalers, editors, and even readers the sales and marketing aspects of your author’s journey.