ReadersMagnet serves as your Self-Publishing and Marketing Company to publish your work and to reach your prospects, customers, and readers.

We publish your original work and design the marketing campaign that will clearly represent you and your book. In order to do this, you will present to us an error-free copy of your manuscript in a format consistent with our guidelines. Should we find your manuscript acceptable, we shall proceed with publication.

Once your work is published, we shall commence with marketing services. You will give us your book’s information, including its ISBN number, publisher and publishing date. We also need your details like your address and contact information. The marketing campaign will start and end based on the package that you have chosen.

You retain all the rights to your book and we are just here to publish your work and design and maintain your online marketing. Upon signing to our services, we will provide you the Author Agreement form for you to see how we will effect publication and print and marketing of your work.

ReadersMagnet’s marketing services are designed to complement your self-publishing experience. Whether you are new or pro in the world of writing, you will always need a marketing strategy that will boost your presence and sales. Our marketing platforms are ensured to be repetitive, consistent, and number gained in your end. With our content marketing, we create the topics for you and you can also discuss with us the contents that you would like us to develop for you and your author brand. We believe that by being transparent to your wants and needs, we will create the best marketing strategy.

Rest assured that as you and your readers access all these resources via your website that we will create for you, your privacy is completely secured. You may read the detailed information of our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions by clicking the tab provided above.

ReadersMagnet continuously strives to provide exceptional self-publishing and marketing services. We will raise awareness about your book and strengthen your author brand. We ensure that at every step we boost your author profile and online credibility and integrity.