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Authors’ featured titles are the testaments to our mission to help aspiring authors fulfill their dreams. Check out our gallery of featured titles from different authors who published their books with us!

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Bridges by Leatha Patton

A Simple Seller of Noodles - Dr. CB Skelton

Captive Bride - Marjorie J. Hersom

Divine Principles - Ken Ungerecht

His Love For Me is Strong - Wivina John

I Never Came Home - Robert L. Scheck

Loving a Beautiful Mind - Carolyn Linn

Prayer Thoughts - Orva Lynn Kaufmann

Remember Me - Omid Olfet

The Adventure of Princess Chantily - Amanda Cristy

The Gift - Lila Senter

The Marauder Betrayals - Chris O' Grady

What I Want to Give - Myrika Jackson

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