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Book Publishing Made Easy!
If you are thinking of having your book released but don’t want to go through the many complicated hoops most people go through just to get published, here is the answer to your dilemma. Become a published author without hassle by going the self-publishing route. Now you can see your dream of sharing with readers your ideas and getting published with the help of ReadersMagnet.
What ReadersMagnet Can Offer You
We will help you get your manuscript from its raw form to a polished and published one. No need to stress about finding a literary agent to handle your book or a publisher to pick it up. We can get your book from being a dream to a reality with resources that include editing, publishing, and marketing within your reach.
We can offer you the chance to make your publishing dreams come true with:


  • Hassle-free publishing process helps turn your raw manuscript into a polished and published book
  • Selection of format options lets you choose from e-book to paperback to hardbound or all formats for release
  • Add cover and interior illustrations to your book with our numerous choices in a variety of styles
  • Also available are interior design and layout choices
  • Get your manuscript evaluated and edited for a polished and finished version
  • Choose from a wide array of distribution and marketing options
And guess what else you get when you publish your book with us. You retain copyright ownership of your creation while your readers enjoy it and you reap the benefits of what you have sown. What are you waiting for? Do your book publishing the easy way and get started by clicking here.
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