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Getting a book published can be quite an obstacle for many, with the process that is involved in getting from idea to published book feeling rather insurmountable. Why not take control of your destiny and publish your book yourself? Cut the middleman, the stress, and the heartache out of getting your brainchild published and do it yourself, your way.
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What We Can Give You:
ReadersMagnet is your ticket to becoming a published author, without needing to get a literary agent, finding a publisher, and leaving the fate of your book in their hands. You have control and we will help you achieve your dream of getting your manuscript published your way. You get access to resources that will help you polish your book before release, with editing, publishing, and marketing options at your fingertips.
ReadersMagnet offers you the chance to become a self-published author with:


  • No-hassle publishing process that helps you get your manuscript from idea to published book
  • Format options that range from e-book to paperback to hardbound
  • Interior and cover illustration choices that come in a variety of styles
  • Layout and interior design services
  • Manuscript evaluation and content editing to create a polished version of your book
  • Lots of distribution and marketing options to choose from
And the best thing is you retain copyright ownership of your masterpiece. Your book is your brainchild so it remains yours while you see it reaching your readers and earning from it.  Don’t delay. Become a self-published author and get your book published today by clicking here.

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