ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing commits itself in sharing our authors’ narratives so they may get the recognition they rightly deserve. Thus, our mission and motto- “We share your story with the world!”

Despite our modest yet legitimate achievements as a relatively young enterprise, there are still those who chose to malign our efforts by tagging ReadersMagnet as a scam. It seems that publishing 72 titles is not enough to cement our legitimacy and the malicious statements are unfair not only to our enterprise but more to our published authors and their narratives.

It in this light that we would like to humbly share to everyone our participation in some of the most important and prestigious book fairs both nationally and internationally. ReadersMagnet is a partner of the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE), a legitimate organization and the largest book display in the world. We sincerely hope that our short list of book fair attendance can add up to our long list of reasons why ReadersMagnet is NOT a scam.

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