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Release the Poetic Butterfly In You to the World!
Poetry flows from you like a cascading waterfall and you have pages upon pages of your work waiting to make their way into the world. The problem is, getting your poetry published can be very difficult since very few literary agents and publishers are willing to take on such deep and emotional pieces. Why wait for others to help you get your work out to the world when you can now do this yourself?.
How ReadersMagnet Can Help You
ReadersMagnet can help you share your poetry to the world with our self-publishing choices. You won’t have to wait for your poetic side to be heard since you can now get it published with our help, and you call the shots! Release the butterflies of your soul with the help of our many publishing resources, which include editing, publishing, and marketing options.
We give you the chance to share your poetic side with:


  • Publishing process that you can easily follow so you can turn your pages of poetry into a published book
  • Your choice of three format options – e-book, paperback and hardbound
  • Add interior and cover illustrations from our extensive library or add your own
  • Choices of Black and White or Full Color versions
  • Wide variety of marketing choices and services to distribute your book
The best part of this entire thing is you get to retain copyright ownership of your book while at the same time getting your published work distributed in as many ways as possible. Don’t wait to set your poetic spirit free and to unleash it unto the reading population. Publish your book of poetry today by clicking here to get started.

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