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Don’t Let Your Dream of Becoming a Published Crime and Mystery Author Stay Just a Dream

Creating a story that keeps a person at the edge of their seat is no mean feat. All the research, character building, plot twists, and unexpected revelations that you carefully put into your manuscript should definitely give you a shot at getting published. It is not that easy to et published however, but that Does not necessarily mean all your hard work should go to waste.
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You can take control of the fate of your book and you can make your publishing dreams come true by self-publishing your crime and mystery manuscript. ReadersMagnet has a wide selection of self-publishing packages and options that you can customize to fit your very specific needs. Why wait for someone to make your dreams of becoming a published author come true when you can do this yourself with our help?
ReadersMagnet will help you get your book out there by giving you access to:


  • Publishing procedure that is easy to follow and accomplish
  • Printing formats that include hardbound, paperback, and e-book
  • Cover and interior illustration choices from our library or you can use your own
  • Professional manuscript review, copy-editing, and book layout services
  • Choices for black& white or full color printing
  • Marketing options that include book fairs, book signing events, online marketing, and more
Not only do you take control of your book’s destiny, but you also retain full ownership of your book’s copyrights. This means your book remains your property and you can decide what to do with it. Why wait for other people to give you the chance to become a published author? Take the leap and publish your book today. Click here to find out how.

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